How to use Instagram as a marketing tool

I am a businessman and I believe in promoting my business through the social media. For the past few years it has been noticed that the social networks can be used as an effective marketing tools. They are especially cost effective. I had been on the lookout for a good social networking site which I can use to my advantage anywhere anytime. Instagram meets all my needs perfectly. It is an exclusive photo sharing app for mobiles. Photo sharing can be used very effectively for marketing purposes. And the fact that it is an exclusive app for mobiles; it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. But in order to have an online presence, you need to have a substantial number of followers. I am going to tell you how you can gain Instagram follower naturally.

Reason for popularity

Unlike Vine, which is the official video sharing site for Twitter, photos uploaded in Instagram can be shared in all other social networking sites. This plays a very important role in the quick success of this social app. This app contains an in-app camera through which you can instantly click pictures and edit on the go. It contains a whole new range of editing features which makes editing pictures quick and fun. Also it has provision for people all round the world to like the pictures you upload and follow you like the other social networking sites. It has become immensely popular with over 30 million users till date. It is just the perfect launching pad for wannabe photographers and photo lovers to showcase their talent.

Methods to gain followers

Just like any other social networking site, it is very important to gain followers to make a mark. But in order to do that you have to be very patient. You have to gain Instagram follower naturally there is no alternative. You might be very much tempted to buy followers just like you can buy Facebook followers. Yes, you can do that! In return of some amount of money, you can buy a huge number of followers. It is very simple, you can just Google search about it and you will get a long list of companies who will help you to get instagram followers overnight in return of money. I was also amazed at first upon hearing about it. But further research into the matter made me realize that those are fake followers. Filling your profile with fake followers will not do you any good since you cannot maintain interaction with them and nor will they buy your products. or simple you can just buy instagram followers

Therefore you need to look for methods to gain Instagram follower naturally.

• Always upload quality pictures and avoid sharing more than two pictures on a particular subject. Do not confuse Instagram with Facebook where you can upload as many pictures you want. Upload only quality pictures or pictures relevant to your business.
• Avoid selfies. I am not personally against selfies, but I would prefer a funny group photo over a stupid selfie. Group photos convey unity amongst your staff.
• The primary target is to reach the “Most Popular” list of Instagram. For this you have to be strategic and patient. For example, I am a resident of USA, and so I will upload pictures keeping in mind the global time and not only the local time, so that it gets maximum viewers.
• It is very important to maintain interaction with your followers. I personally thank them through the direct messaging option whenever they like a picture. In this way I ensure they remain my followers.
These are some of the simple tricks to gain Instagram follower naturally.

What are the ways to gain instagram followers?

Are you striving to increase the profits of your company? According to me it’s best to buy facebook followers to increase rate of growth of the business. I am going to describe some of the basic ways to gain instagram follower naturally. I have gained a lot using the below techniques.

Best time

According to me before posting photos of the products of the company it’s important to analyze the time when the potential customers check their account on various reputed social networking sites. I will recommend posting photos on various social networking sites after office hours.


According to me the next important way is to ask questions to users on the various contents that have been posted on the page of the website of the company. This helps me in getting some ideas about the taste of various customers on the internet. This also helps to gain instagram follower naturally and increase the sales of the company.

Use hash tags

Another technique that has helped to gain instagram follower is by adding relevant hash tags. This is also one of the main search tools used while posting photos of the products on the internet.

Organize contest

I also started organizing various contests to attract more online customers towards the products of my company. This made various online users to regularly check the page of my company. I also awarded prizes to the potential customers who won the contest. The products of my company were awarded as prizes.

Ask users

After asking questions to the various users on the net, I came to know about the things that need to be improved in the products of my company. This also helped to increase the reputation of my company in the minds of various online customers.

Use photo editing software

According to me the best way to make the photos attractive is by editing them using various software available on the internet. I got favorable results after uploading the photos that have been edited and given an attractive look.

Use video

The next technique that helped my company to gain instagram followers naturally is by posting relevant videos about the products. I use the various tools to make the videos more attractive to the users. The online customers started praising the products and as a resulted were converted into buyers.
To gain instagram followers naturally, one must show respect to the online customers. I gained a lot after praising the ideas of the customers. This also helped to increase the sales of my company.

What are the ways to increase facebook followers?

Every business owners are trying their best to attract more customers towards the products and services of the company. I am running an online marketing business that deals in various types of cosmetics. I am going to discuss some of the effective ways to increase facebook followers towards the business. There are many things that must be considered after you buy facebook followers.

Refer to persons

According to me, the easiest way to gain fan followers is by suggesting the webpage of your company to your friends and family members. I even asked my friends to suggest the page of my company to the people they know. This as a result helped me gain instagram follower naturally. This also increased the fan followers of the products and services of my company.


It is always wise to write authentic contents about the products and services of the company. I emphasize on valuable content that helps to increase the growth of my company. A detail about the advantages of using the product is also posted on the wall. This also helps to gain a good reputation in the market.

Include link

The next important thing I will advice is to put link of the social networking site in the website of the company. This helped me a lot in connecting with various online customers on the internet.

Buy instagram followers

This is also one of the important ways that helped in increasing the sales of my products. Through the instagram followers, people will be able to gain some knowledge about the products the company is providing to its customers.

Link blog

It is also wise to have a blog for the company. The blog of my company includes some of the important facts about the products that are being offered to various customers. To make the blog more effective, I include buttons to share the content on various reputed social networking sites. After going through the blog, customers post their comments about the product which is regularly checked by the officials of my company.


The next important way that I follow to increase fan followers is by advertising on various reputed social networking sites. I generally run the advertisement for small period of time. This helps me in attracting various potential customers on the internet. I also regularly track the results to gather some idea about the popularity of the product in the market.


I also emphasize on the regularly updating the information about the products of my company. In this way more fans are attracted towards the page of my company. I also regularly offer various coupons to the online customers. This also helps to increase a fan base and as a result increases the sales of the products of my company.

The above are some of the steps that are regularly followed by my company to increase profit. According to me it is very much essential to develop awareness about the products of the company in the market. So start gaining instagram followers naturally and increase the demand of your products in the market.